So sorry that I have not posted in a few days. It’s been busy. There was the good and the bad or the sad and the happy. I had to return a dog because of his barking and growling issues towards people who he is not close to. But he was the sweetest dog I’ve ever met and had. I loved and still love him, only now I’m praying that he gets a good home. He needs to live with a single woman with patience because I have a family and not everyone has the same opinions about him. The lady (who is an animal rescuer who had give my dog to my family) we returned my dog to, was however, not good with people. I never saw her because I was out that day and came home with a surprise. Her appearance was lacking and her personality was just not the best. She basically told us that our dog needs to go on a “diet” even though he was at a healthy weight according to the vet. And that we ruined him because he never tugged and snarled at her. So it was a painful day.

But the good and happy news is that we’re on vacation as a distraction of my dog. Although, it doesn’t seem like as if anyone has really missed him except me. I still think about him and check everyday to see if he’s adopted yet. (which I’m still wishing and praying for a nice home for him) So right now I’m in a hotel by a beautiful lake…and have gotten a boat and did the fun stuff and for those two hours in the lake, I’ve never felt calmer. It’s been a giving and getting away week. Well, enough about me, how’s your summer and vacation going?